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April Ann Torres Fine Arts Fund
April Ann Torres was born in East Los Angeles. At the tender age of 2 she started exploring art with sketches of animals.  April’s early passion transformed into a relentless pursuit of mastery and artistic excellence, dedicating countless hours to her craft.  She was an accomplished fine artist and illustrator beginning her career at Ekenboll Designs, then moving on to Disney were she worked for more than 18 years.  She was the lead princess artist.  April taught colleagues at Disney in the US and UK and inspired and mentored the next generation of artists including members of her family who shared her passion.

April had two shows of her fine art and non-dominant spiritually inspired art. April was a highly independent woman, deep thinker, spiritual seeker and artist and she advanced social justice and equal rights

This fund has been set up by her surviving wife, Dr. Roxana E. Bellia, to support and inspire the education of future artists, illustrators and designers. April’s motto, “Never, never, never quit.” by Winston Churchill.

Contributions will go toward scholarships for students in Fine Arts and Drawing studies at East Los Angeles College.
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