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Gifts made in memory of Mike Rose will go to the Mike Rose Scholarship Endowment to bolster his generous contribution and provide scholarships to students at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

Mike Rose
1944 - 2021

“I have worked with the students at L.A. Trade-Tech for many years in my research and I am proud to partner with the school to create an endowment that will focus on student achievement and a more holistic approach to the community college experience,” said Professor Rose. “Community colleges like Trade-Tech are a vital engine of the California economy, providing important opportunities for working-class students to succeed.” 

Author of a dozen books, educator, researcher and humanitarian, Mike Rose made a lifelong commitment to educating the most vulnerable populations in the city of Los Angeles. His experiences informed his research and he wrote extensively on the issues of inequality in educational opportunity, democracy and public education, and the need for different ways of thinking about teaching underperforming students. Mike did significant research alongside Trade-Tech students. He chose to bequeath a generous gift that will secure additional educational opportunities for students at Los Angeles Trade-Tech College in perpetuity.